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New Year, New Business: Progress & Reflections

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This first year has been a lot about education, communication and connection. I have been diving head first into things — building my website, designing my business cards, attending training and networking events, watching webinars, and researching about all kinds of things regarding freelancing, resume writing, web design, and being a virtual assistant.

This month in April, I have connected with various social entrepreneurs, folks who have launched their own mission-driven organizations to help folks in our communities. Having the privilege of meeting with these awesome people has reminded me of where the name “Phoenix Star” originally came from, and what it originally meant to me. Yes, I am establishing myself as a freelancer in the DMV Area. But I also have always had a deep compassion for community services and helping others. So this month, I have been connecting with not only people and companies looking for freelancers, but also with individuals looking to start non-profits that work with youth, as well as churches or volunteer-run organizations in need of help with their websites. And, though I wonder sometimes if I am trying to take on too much at once, deciding to focus Phoenix Star Creative around both for-profit freelancing and community service gives me a purpose that feels more aligned with who I am and what it is I want my business to be symbolic of.

April has also been about making new friends and hearing from folks who have been where I am now, who have started their own businesses and are now speaking, teaching, writing books about their struggles, accomplishments, and overall journeys to get to where they are today. One of the most recent events I attended was a panel discussion titled “Conquering Imposter Syndrome and Achieving Personal Success” — which I will be blogging about in another piece, as I have over four pages of notes that I have been reflecting on! Here, I met other independent contractors and business owners. Some of them were also new to the world of freelancing, and others had been entrepreneurs for some years now. No matter the end of the spectrum, though, it was a wonderful group of people and I learned something valuable to my personal and professional development from each and every person I engaged with there. Next week, I will be attending more community events around the DMV Area, where I am looking forward to meeting more interesting people, learning more and growing in my development as a freelancer, and making more meaningful connections!

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